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Malware Removal


MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is best malware removal program available today. It's available in both a free version and a paid version. The free version includes a malware scanner only, while the pro version includes continuous system protection, scanners, and will block malicious websites. The pro version is available for $25.

It's Awesome

If you're going to invest in any software, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware is worth every penny. MalwareBytes Pro does a fantastic job of protecting computers from the newest and trickiest viruses and spyware that are commonly missed by anti-virus software. It can also be run with any anti-virus software currently installed on your system, which provides the best protection possible for your computer. The Free version of MalwareBytes is also great if you're just looking for a quick virus scanner to cleanup your system.

Anti-Virus Software


Trend Micro is one of the highest rated anti-virus software solutions available this year. It catches a great deal of viruses, spyware, and malware, and uses little system resources. The interface is simple to use, and it provides great all-around protection.

Best Protection

Trend Micro has consistently been one of the best anti-virus programs for new viruses and spyware. It catches a great deal of the new viruses and spyware that other anti-virus programs fail to detect. This is a great solution if you're looking for a premium anti-virus solution. Unfortunately, Trend Micro does not offer a free anti-virus product.


AVG Anti-Virus is a great anti-virus product that offers great detection of viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. AVG offers a free version, which works very well, along with a pro version that offers a bit more protection. Both work great and do a solid job of protecting the system from the bad stuff.

Awesome Protection

If you're looking for a great all-around anti-virus solution that has an easy to figure out interface, and a great real-time scanner: This is it! AVG is what we use here at OnlineVirusRepair Inc. Headquarters. We love how simple AVG is to use, and the detection of bad stuff is spot on. AVG also offers a free version for home users that need basic protection.


AVIRA Anti-Virus is a new anti-virus solution that has a great detection of malicious software and a very easy interface to use. Avira detects a great deal of viruses, spyware, and malware that other programs miss. Avira also offers a free anti-virus solution for home users, and a pro version for those looking for more protection.

Great Anti-Virus

Avira has really impressed us this year with it's clean interface and awesome detection of malicious software. This is a great all around anti-virus solution. There is a free version of Avira available for home users.

Backup Solutions


Carbonite is a cloud based backup solution for home users and businesses. Unlike traditional backup methods, Carbonite runs in the background of your computer and uploads your data to their servers via a secure connection. If disaster strikes, it's very easy to restore your data via the internet. This is hands down one of the most effective backup solutions available anywhere.

It's Needed

If you have data on your computer that you don't want to lose, you need a backup. Disaster can happen at any moment. We highly recommend the use of Carbonite to protect your data. It's extremely easy to use, inexpensive, and won't ever both you. If you're skeptical, you can try Carbonite for 30 days free.

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