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Why Use

It’s a fair question – after all, why should you choose Online Virus Repair versus another virus repair service? The answer is actually very simple: because we understand how vital your computer is to not only your work life, but also your home life, your family’s life, and the like. Your computer is not simply a box that helps you to work, but it is also a machine that allows you to communicate with family and friends all across the world, as well as store your favorite memories such as pictures, videos, and more, as well as enjoy your time after work by playing games, catching up on the day’s news, and even watching your favorite television shows and/or movies. Simply put, it’s a device that is arguably more central to our lives than our televisions and newspapers, and when it stops working? You need someone by your side that can fix it in no time at all.

American Based

We know how much you hate calling the tech support division of your computer’s manufacturer, being placed on hold for what seems to be forever, only to be connected with someone that barely speaks English. Nothing is more infuriating than this, and when they can hardly understand what you are saying? It’s enough to make you want to throw your computer out the window and purchase a new one. Fortunately, not only are we stationed here in sunny California, but we do not outsource any of our work. Every member of our staff are English speaking, friendly, and of course, highly trained. Moreover, we do not read from a prompt. We hire only experienced IT professionals that are used to making “on the fly” decisions in a moment’s notice, meaning you are speaking with the best when you speak with one of our IT technicians. We are providing you with the highest quality service in the industry, and to us, that goes a long ways.

Better Business Bureau A+

We always place our customers first, which is why we are proud to announce that our company has a 100% customer satisfaction rating. We would like to keep it this way, which is why each of our IT professionals strive to be friendly and helpful at all times. We are a proud member of the BBB, and never once have we strayed away from our perfect A+ rating.

We Save You Money and Time

Do you have time to unplug your computer, place it into your vehicle, drive to your local computer shop, and wait days or even weeks until they give you a call and tell you “it’s finished?” Do you also have the time to drive back to the local computer shop, obtain your computer, drive home, plug it up, and check to see if the virus is removed? And what if the virus isn’t removed? Then you have to perform this process all over again!

Who has time for that? No one (and especially not you)! That’s why with Online Virus Repair by your side, you do not have to unplug anything, nor do you have to even stand up out of your chair, as our service is done 100% remotely. Thanks to the latest developments in technology, we are able to connect to your computer from our location via a small yet powerful applet, and complete the very same repairs you will receive in a physical shop. You can even watch us as we work, and because our service is usually finished in under an hour, this also makes us extremely affordable compared to your local IT shop.

Guaranteed Service

Our IT professionals stand by their work, and we are absolutely serious about cleaning up your computer and making absolute sure that it is free of any future attacks. Not only do we guarantee that we will fix your computer to perfection and ensure that it is operating at its best, but we will also provide you with a 90-day guarantee that states if something happens between the time we fix your computer and 90-days, we will fix it at absolutely no charge to you.

Compare Our Services

Type of service Online Virus Repair Geek Squad Staples
Computer Tuneup $59 $69+ $89
Virus Cleanup $89 $149 $199
Free Checkup YES NO NO